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Wearfone Oy is soon going to introduce a wrist phone. Before starting mass production we still want to test it with different kind of users. Mass production will start later.
With this feedback form below you can inform us what kind of functions you would appreciate in a wrist phone. Note that the first product will not have all listed functions. If you could be so kind and tell us how we can contact you and give us a short argumentation why you should be a good test person for us and answer the questions below, we would take you into consideration while choosing the test persons.
We’d prefer answers through this site. It is also possible to contact us by using a fax +358-8-622 644.

0 = No opinion
1 = Unnecessary
2 = Necessary
3 = Compulsory
  0    1    2    3
   Making a phone call
   Answering a phone call
   Writing a SMS message
   Receiving a SMS message
   Sending a MMS (multimedia) message
   Receiving a MMS (multimedia) message
   3G compatibility
   EDGE compatibility
   GPRS compatibility
   WLAN connection
   BLUETOOTH connection
   850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies all required
   Handsfree with wireless earphone
   Digital camera
   Video camera
   VIdeo call
   MP3 player
   Video player
   Wireless PC connection
   Using the phone via PC (with Windows)
   Long functioning for the phone with one charge
   Long functioning for the earphone with one charge
   Wide capacity for music (music, pictures, ringing sounds, addresses etc.)
   Voice recorder
   Alarm clock
   World clock
   Voice guiding (calling and answering)
Other possible functions and comments:






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