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You can send us an informal application to info@wearfone.fi. In the near future we’ll be needing experts on many different branches in our company.

For example:

  • designers of electronics

  • designers of software

  • designers of RF technology

  • stylists

  • experts on logistic and marketing

For the time being the sole office of our firm is in Kajaani, Finland. However it is possible to take care of part of the duties also by remote work. Even now we have several suppliers outside of Kajaani and outside of Finland.

Vision in 2006

Product  in 2010






Wearfone Oy, Syväojankatu 3 B, 87700 KAJAANI, Finland

Tel. +358 45 670 7220, FAX +358 8 622 644

email: info@wearfone.fi

Päivitetty 27.4.2011