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We are now closer to start our production. We are ready to start negotiations with investors who are interested in our business plan. Please, send us a preliminary proposal, info@wearfone.fi,

For the moment, all our funding sources are:

  • Owners

  • ELY Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

  • Kainuun OP (bank)
  • Finnvera
  • Foundation for Finnish Inventions

The investors will have the opportunity to go along in a company directing to global business from the very beginning of its action.





Wearfone Oy, Syväojankatu 3 B, 87700 KAJAANI, Finland

Tel. +358 45 670 7220, FAX +358 8 622 644

email: info@wearfone.fi

Päivitetty 27.4.2011